Pachinko queens explosion

Probably the funniest porn titles I have ever heard.

No I wasn't looking for such material. (I'm in class as I write this.) I was browsing movies to download on a website and the thread title was there. Haha I'll check it out later ;D probably not I'll forget. Haha

Less then 24 hours till I'm on the road.

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Terrible Thursday

It's 80 degrees. Thought it would be colder. Only 62 in vacaville, lucky. I feel sick or something I woke up feeling really slow and my body feels like it's under pressure. I suppose I'm also freaking out about my future an classes and major choice and profession. Classes I'm taking in winter are enviromental studies, viet2, computer science. 12 units. I have a 3 hour lab for computer science and a discussion for science or maybe vice Versa. I really wanted to take creative writing bit it's all full. I'm looking to take another class so I can have 16 units. Idk I just want this weekend to come already. I really just want to leave tomorrow morning.

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hey psych midterm....
I wish i never stayed up all night for you damnit.
=_= it was much easier after i was able to do the practice test and go over the answer key.
oh well. I think im on 33 hours of being awake so far. haha only another 4 hours at most before i sleep. hopefully...

oh i got my shirts today :o

a bit smaller then i expected but whatever it will just outline and show my muscle...

yeah it was gay, but i felt like typing it.

anyways. hmm my cold air intake filter should be arriving tomorrow in Vacaville, can't wait to install it.

and of course i can't wait to go up north
;D i hope the 7 hour drive is worth it up and worth a 7 hour drive back.

Writer's Block: Gifted Ideas
What’s the perfect gift to give to the person who has everything?

Support, love, friendship, and yet a lesson to show them to appreciate what they have compared to those who may not have everything. It is important to see all sides rather then only see the pretty side and ignore the rest.

All nighter
is going to rape my face sideways and make me it's bitch.

i fail at studying, and being a student.

I really need to get ahead and get serious. I hate saying i want to and not being able too. I have being dependent on people to make me do it, I want to get into the habit of doing it myself.


edit 6am:

I felt really sad for some reason reading about
Henry Gustav Molaison.

I think it was the quote of

"“You’d think it would be impossible to have a relationship with
someone who didn’t recognize you, but I did.”

I guess i just thought about the people i care about not being able to recognize me and how much it would hurt to look at them in the face and realize how much is lost due to profound amnesia.

Terrible, it really is.

I just ...

Fell on my bike... And I wasn't even moving. =_= only one person saw me.

I got so embarassed in Vietnamese . Co Kim called on me 4 times in 2 mins out of 25 people me. And then she moved me to the front till the end of the quarter. But!!! :0 the girl who got moved next to me helped me out with class. I guess some soriety girls are nice. She was pretty good looking :0 bonus.

Anyways I'm watching pearl harbor.
Bleh norcal wait for me. My bike and I are coming home.


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Modification to my car
I think i may

Install a cold air intake system in my car.

im very tempted. Very.


I did order it hahaha.

time to do work once it arrives, hopefully its okay

such a lazy and slow weekend
bored and alone in the apartment. I think i may go tot he library and meet up with joseph in a bit so i can do hw as well. i think ill be getting this jacket, it looks rather... nifty.

Was... alright at best.
obvious a lot of CGI.
idk i almost cried at some parts, I realy don't like seeing people die or things die in general.

and Russians have a very very thick accent.

oh there was a toddler who would just talk really loud and scream and bang on shit in the theater. Who really brings their small child to a 1045 showing of 2012 on a saturday night.

and people who consistantly talk during a movie really loud, are annoying.

shower time

online purchase
i will buy this, im just not sure when


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